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Pharmaceutical development

from research to production batches

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About us

CHEMEX is an Armenian research company.
It is aimed at developing long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with drug manufacturers.
An integrated approach to the implementation of pharmaceutical development.

Activities of CHEMEX

  • Pharmaceutical development of API and FPP

    Draft normative document
    Pharmaceutical development report

  • Technology Transfer of API and FPP

    Technology Transfer Report

  • Equipment selection

    URS and offer for the selected equipment


Pharmaceutical development goals

Quality cannot be tested in a drug, quality must be built into the pharmaceutical development.

  • –°reation of a medicinal product of the required quality
  • Substantiation of the process of its production
  • Subsequent production of products with specified functional characteristics without deviations and the risk of complaints

Stages of pharmaceutical

  • Preliminary exploratory studies, development of API production technology
  • Preliminary exploratory studies, development of the composition and production technology of FPP
  • Development and validation of analysis methods
  • Dissolution kinetics research
  • Standardization of API and excipients
  • Stability study

Problems that pharmaceutical
companies face today

Time-to-market for a drug plays a critical role in the development of pharmaceutical companies

  • icon-exclamation.svgThe need to search for and develop new drugs to expand the portfolio of manufactured drugs
  • icon-exclamation.svgHigh complexity and duration of pharmaceutical development
  • icon-exclamation.svgLack of resources for research and pharmaceutical development
  • icon-exclamation.svgHigh competition in the drug market

Our task is to carry out pharmaceutical development of a drug and lay the foundation for the quality of future products for subsequent stable production

Technological possibilities
in dosage forms




Hard gelatin capsules


Powders and granules


Tablets used in oral cavity

for sucking, chewable orally dispersible, etc.


Film-coated tablets


Modified release tablets

enteric, with prolonged release, etc.



Our advantages

  • Professional

    Qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field of pharmaceutical development and quality assessment, production and quality control of medicines

  • Modern

    Modern equipment that allows solving a wide range of analytical and technological problems

  • Helpful

    Assistance in the formation of the Registration Dossier in terms of production and analytics, responses to requests for drug registration

  • Affordable

    Reasonable deadlines and budget for projects of any complexity